Not much has been happening on our construction project. Whether because of the rain or scheduling conflicts or this was just part of the plan, I’m not sure. We did get fences on Wednesday and a porta-potty yesterday:

The goal is keep the worksite safe and separate from our living arrangements. It’ll also protect the tools and construction materials from simply wandering off. The garage will also have some temporary walls installed to keep the worksite separate from our storage.

Meanwhile, we are giving away furniture that we don’t plan on using in the new space. We’d inherited a couch from the previous owner and decided to give it away. The couple that came to pick it up helped me carry it down the stairs. But it got stuck at the bottom where the door to the garage narrows the path. We tried three different angles (which required taking the couch all the way back up the stairs) but it seemed impossible no matter what.

Finally I decided to use the door in the back of the garage that leads out to nothing. We assume that must be the way the couch got up there in the first place. But we have a fence that blocks the door from opening all the way. In the end, I cut the top of the fence, which let me open the door so that we could slide the couch into the alley.

We have some more furniture to clear out upstairs, but it’s mostly from Ikea and we’d brought it in ourselves. It won’t be as difficult to disassemble and cart down the stairs. I’m hoping that when we reconfigure the bottom of the stairs, it’ll be a bit wider since the door to nowhere is going to be turned into a window.