Building a shed

First step for construction is clearing out items from areas where the work will begin on Wednesday. Our contractor needs to examine the foundation, which means we need to clear out 6 feet from the front of garage and our box room in the back. (It’s also the room were I have a sink for making coffee.) We have a lot of space in the garage, but it’s not well-used right now.

Unfortunately, the most organized section is the bike rakes which are right next to the front wall that probably will need a lot of work early on. So I need a place to put bikes, my lawnmower and other miscellaneous large items. To that end, I got a shed from Costco. Joshua and I started building with the doors.

Hopefully that’s the most complicated part, since we still have a lot to do and little time to do it. (Doesn’t help that I’m still sick this week.)