From the Tooth Fairy


I must say you have good looking teeth. Keep brushing and flossing. Remember we pay for baby teeth, but we can’t offer anything for adult teeth. Those are yours for the rest of your life so keep them safe and clean.

Despite inflation, we can’t afford to pay more for teeth this year. It’s one dollar coin and that’s the deal. The costs (transportation, storage, subcontractors, taxes, etc.) keep rising and the market for used teeth (even gently used) has been flat. We pay more than our competitors, as you know.

I understand your father has gone into business for himself. There are ups and downs, but he’ll make it work out if he keeps plugging away. I can tell you the first year or two in the tooth business was rough. His line of work pays better than mine, in case you were wondering. It helps that he’s got experience and doesn’t need to deal with physical inventory.

Keep up the good work at school. Nothing beats a good education. Don’t forget that it’s what you learn that counts. The grades are a crude measure.

The Tooth Fairy

Both of the twins know full well that I come into their rooms to take their teeth and leave a dollar coin. Kathryn enjoys the pretense though. :wink:

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