Grand reorganization

Demolition starts today, but before that could happen we needed to do some reorganization. For instance, we have a space we call our box room:

A lot of those boxes were “stash and dash” boxes from our previous house. We never had the motivation to sort through them, so they just filled space. According to my scientific observations, the majority of the contents is straight up trash. Almost all the rest could be given away. But a small part of each box contains an irreplaceable treasure. As a result, you can’t throw the whole box away. Also, you can’t put it in long-term storage.

At any rate, my wonderful wife spent all of her free time sorting through these boxes and we’ve been able to clean out the box room:

I’ve also cleaned out my office:

My office has moved, once again, into the living room:

Of course the end goal is to build a space so that we won’t have to move again anytime soon. For now, we’re going back to a space that’s smaller than the condo we moved out of 3 years ago. It’s going to be an interesting 6 (or so) months. :grimacing:

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