Pack meeting game night

We played several new-to-me games last night to add to my new games for the new year:

  • Tetra Tower: A dexterity game with a rocking base and tetrominoes. The game we played wasn’t exactly this title and it included some cards to direct players which piece to add or remove. Seems like a generic toy that might or might not have a game behind it.
  • Quick Cups: At first I thought it was Speed Stacks sorta game, but it’s really a color matching game. Why colored cups? I have no idea.
  • Curios: A quick hidden-information auction game. The decision to share a card in order to get a new worker to place seems interesting. This time around all the gems were worth 3, which made the whole thing seem sorta pointless. I’d like to try it again sometime.
  • Broom Service: Lovely little card game[1] which turns on accurately guessing whether someone else will have the same card you want to play.

We also played a couple of rounds of Happy Little Dinosaurs that flopped. Turns out kindergartners don’t have the same level of rules understanding that 4th graders do. The older kids ended the night on Curios and Broom Service. The younger kids gravitated to Chutes and Ladders and Operation. I wish we’d brought some of our younger kids games like Shiba Inu House and Robot Face Race which are fun for a wider range of people.

  1. Meaning both that the cards are small and the game has a small scope. ↩︎