The time has come

For Vin Scully’s last season or two he was not at the top of his game. Still one of the very best announcers in baseball, of course. I’m sure I wasn’t the only fan ho wanted him in the booth for one more season, but he decided his time had come and retired after the 2016 season. The Dodgers won the World Series in 2020 and I’m sure he would have been good for a story or two. A few months before his death, he still had the knack:

I’m tearing up thinking of the stories we’ll never hear from Vin. And yet, they keep playing the game. His replacements on TV (Joe Davis) and the radio (Charley Steiner) have grown on me. They can never be Vin Scully and that’s ok. They may not reach 66 years of announcing, but that’s not a reasonable expectation. Nobody lasts forever.

Remarkably, the Dodgers had another announcer pass 60 years in the booth. Jaime Jarrín started announcing in Spanish shortly after the Dodgers arrived in Los Angeles and retired in 2022. Remarkably, his son (Jorge Jarrín) joined him and retired in a couple of years before Jaime did.

So I watched the debate tonight. The presidency has aged Joe Biden. He couldn’t finish sentences and struggled to recite his prepared remarks. I voted for Biden in 2020 because he seemed like a perfect transition from the narcissism of President Trump. Tonight, I saw a man how stubbornly clings to power even with the possibility of four more years of Trump. It’s time for him to step aside.

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