Working on a Discourse theme

Over at College Confidential we recently hired Student Ambassadors. As we perused the resumes, we noticed many candidates have computer science backgrounds. So I interviewed a few more people and we hired two more Student Ambassadors who will be focused on helping us improve our user interface.1 Now I'm like the teacher who is thrust into a new-for-them class and has to learn each lesson a week before teaching it. So let's jump into the world of Discourse theme development.

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I always enjoy/appreciate these “step-by-step” posts you do! Just a thought on fn. 6: " your favorite IDE[6]" which recommends Visual Studio Code.

I’m no coder, but I do some things that are easier in an IDE. I also enjoy kicking tyres. :grimacing: VS Code is pretty great (unless, I take it, one is working on gargantuan files, in which case there are better options). But I do prefer VS Codium, which is “a community-driven, freely-licensed binary distribution of Microsoft’s editor VS Code”, but with telemetry/tracking disabled, also MIT licensed. A good option to be aware of, IMO!

Ooooh! It also has a cask for Homebrew. Gonna try that out. :slight_smile: